Why have we become so rude?

I have noticed that people are becoming increasingly rude, selfish, self-absorbed and self-centred. I’m not talking on a deep relationship level (that’s a whole other conversation!) but the every day person you pass in the street. There’s no consideration for other people around us any more. It’s not deliberate rudeness, but more of a lack of awareness of anyone around us. And it really bothers me.

It’s little things mostly. Like the other day: I was in the supermarket at the self service check out and a lady’s trolley was half over my check out area. I couldn’t even place my items in the bagging area. I know a lot of people would have just asked her to move it, but I personally find it hard to do that without sounding annoyed. Plus I figured she’d notice I was there and move it. Yet she didn’t and kept on shoving it more over my way into me. I said excuse me as I went to grab a bag from my bagging area and got a glare in response.

Don’t even get me started on the roads! There seems to be an expectation that because someone has their indicator on they automatically have the right to cut me off.  Ironically I am the kind of person that lets people in/out and I always say thank you (the old hand in the air) if someone does the same for me.  What irks me is the assumption that they have the right to barge in and more often than not, cut me off. To add salt to the wound you rarely get a thank you.

It’s all around us:

  • Walking down the street hardly anyone moves out of your way.
  • People bump into you with so much as an apology (in fact I’m apologising!).
  • No one lets you through the door first but pushes in front of you.
  • The barging that goes on in queues (whether for the bus; medicare; or a flight).
I’m not even talking about children here. I expect them to be self-absorbed and as they grow to realise the world around them. That’s part of life and growth. It’s our generation and the older generations. A “thank you”; a smile; holding the door open for the person after you; and other small gestures are not difficult. They cost us nothing. Yet they can mean so much to the person on the receiving end. And maybe, just maybe, a bit more consideration for those around us will help the next generation be a bit more thoughtful and kinder to the people around them. Then possibly they will do a better job with the world than we have.

L-J x