Please do not buy “Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls” for your boys…

…said NO ONE EVER!

The number of book out about strong women warms the cockles of my rather frozen heart. I love sharing them with my girls. I love that they are about such a variety of inspiring women. I love that there are ones that are aimed at the youngest age up to something you could easily give your Nanna. I dedicated a whole window to the subject so you know how much it means to me!

And yet there’s a slight disconnect for me. I see lots of people enthusiastically getting these books for the girls in their life, but I could count on one hand how many people have bought these books for a boy. When I suggest it I’m looked at like I’m insane or given a variety of excuses (my favourite being “oh I would but the parents wouldn’t like it”).

How can we expect men to respect women when we don’t teach them that from a young age? How can we expect men to see women as equals when they are still often depicted as “damsels in distress”; sex objects; or nonentity-type characters in much of the media?

Let’s show our boys what amazing women there are in the world. Lets show them the kind of girls we aspire for them to become friends with. Let’s buy them books about the amazing women in the world and let’s NOT make excuses for buying them these fantastic, amazing, inspirational books.

L-J x