OMG we look amazing

I’ve been lucky that through difficult times I’ve often met amazing and kind people. The kind of people that restore your faith in humanity. A couple of weeks ago I had just that experience.

Danielle told me she’d set up a photo shoot for us and frankly I wasn’t super impressed. Take as many pictures of my shop as you like, but me? Ummmm…no thanks. For a multitude of reasons I won’t go in today, I detest my picture being taken. When I do acquiesce, I rarely like what I see.

Meeting Nikki King from Nikki King Photography was not like any other photography session I’ve every experienced. Nikki’s a local mum, she’s crazy (in all the best ways!), she’s an amazing photographer, and she’s big on natural. For the first time ever I genuinely enjoyed being photographed. Nikki made me feel beautiful, amazing, fun, creative and more. It was a truely positive experience.

And she got me to smile in a picture!!!

Then we got the pictures back. WOW. Seriously.

Even the presentation box and usb were fabulous!

But the pictures…both Danielle and I couldn’t believe the results. We looked amazing. We can’t stop looking at our own pictures (unheard of!).

After seeing Nikki’s work process and the final product, we’re getting a family thing done soon. I know she’s going to love working with the girls.

And because we love her work so much, we asked Nikki if she could do anything for our customers and she came up trumps. This is our offer to you:

I hope you’ll excuse our moment of narcissism, it doesn’t happen very often (we’re British you know!), but we can’t get over how amazing we looked in these picture.  A sincere thank you to the fabulous Nikki.

L-J x