A letter from a daughter to her Dad

Dearest Dad,

As Father’s Day draws near I’ve been thinking increasingly about you, Mom and our family.

It’ll be 15 years this Christmas that Mom died. It seems so long and yet no time at all. I miss her so much. Every. Single Day. But what has made losing my Mom as ok as it can be, is you.

One of my biggest regrets is that I can’t show Mom the father you have grown into. She would be so proud of you Dad. You do so much for me, Danielle and my girls. You are literally part of our funny little family and although I know we all annoy each other at times, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Every day you put up with our crazy work schedule; you make delicious breakfasts for Lija; you ferry the girls around from school to activities without complaint; you make us dinner most nights of the week when Danielle and I roll in from a hectic day at work; you do the laundry/dishes/cleaning without complaint (mostly); and you even shared your kit-kat with me the other day. Since you retired last year and began living with us full time I feel like this most massive burden has been lifted off my shoulders, and for that I thank you.

I love the dumb jokes we share (the DINOSTORE!); the puns that crack us up; the crime stories we love; and your honey soy chicken is delicious. You’d even give Mom a run for her money on the pancake front. And I never thought I’d say this…but your chips are better than Mom’s!!!

I know living with me and the girls isn’t easy. We don’t say thank you nearly enough. We don’t do always do things in your time frame (which I know frustrates you). I have a very different parenting philosophy to you and Mom (which you support even when you don’t agree with what I’m doing). You put up with the bad moods, the slime (urghhhh when is that phase going to be over?), the arguments, the fussy food requests and we love you for it.

My day is always brighter having you in it. You make me laugh. You are an amazing roll model for my children. And when I was ill after my operation you did a sterling job. I have never been so well cared for. Honestly. I felt so loved.

So Dad, I thank you. I applaud you. And most of all, I love you.

L-J x