Halloween is a stupid waste of time!

At least that is what a lot of people think. Oh and it’s an American thing!

Well, let me address this. Halloween began life as the festival of Samhain 2000 years ago as part of an ancient Celtic tradition! The Celts believed that only on October 31st, ghosts and spirits were able to wander the earth and they held big celebrations to scare them away.

In the 8th century the Christians introduced All Saints’ Day on November 1st (also known as Hallows’ Day) as a tactic to stamp out Samhain. Christianity absorbed many of the traditions of Samhain and October 31st became known as All Hallows’ Eve (meaning the evening before All Hallows’ Day), which by the 20th century has evolved into the word we know as Halloween.

Shakespeare even mentions Halloween in Two Gentlemen of Verona!!!

The tradition of “Trick or Treating” began in the Middle Ages (5th – 15th century) in the UK and other parts of Europe when children and poor adults would dress us in disguise and beg for food or money in exchange for songs and prayers for the dead at Samhain. “Trick or Treating” only started in America in the late 19th or early 20th century, having been brought over by the Scotts and the Irish.

So people, don’t forget #howloween ^-^ On Sunday there is going to be a dog parade on Rouse Street and Trick or Treating on Bay Street. The Port Melbourne Business Association website has all the details. Danielle and I will be dressing up OF COURSE! So drop in and get your halloween on with us!

L-J x