Online Store



We are often asked if we sell online.  The short answer is that we don’t.

The long answer is that we have tried selling online 3 times. Besides not being financially viable we just weren’t passionate about it.  We love talking about books. We love helping people find books. We love sharing books at our storytime and our book clubs. We love hosting events like book launches and our Annual Harry Potter Sleepover. We pour all our energies into our physical shop and we think we have created an amazing children’s specialty bookshop. That is where we’d like our focus to remain.

If you can’t get to us we are more than happy to recommend books via email or over the phone. We often have customers calling that have visited us from out-of-state previously asking us to send them or their loved ones books.  We are more than happy to provide this service. Feel free to contact us during any book emergency!

Take a tour around our shop by clicking on the white arrow in the picture! You can look around our entire shop. It’s pretty cool.