Free Books!

We are looking for a rural primary school to donate our books to. Some are brand new. Some are read (but still in great condition). We currently donate all our preschool books and toys to Bubup Womindjeka (our local kindergarten); our YA (young adult) books to Kensington Community High School (a fabulous school which offers […]

School Refusal Sucks!

School Refusal:  the refusal to attend school due to emotional distress. School refusal differs from truancy in that children with school refusal feel anxiety or fear towards school, whereas truant children generally have no feelings of fear towards school, often feeling angry or bored with it instead.* I hated high school but as a student […]

Our School System is BROKEN!

Sitting at home Sunday night I was extremely surprised when a subject close to my heart appeared on 60 Minutes (Channel 9) – “Can Do Better.” It’s only 15 minutes long and worth every minute. To summarise Channel 9: – The Australian education system is declining. – Our global rankings in maths, reading and science […]

Beautiful Failures – Lucky Clark

This book is revolutionary. Forget Mao’s Little Red Book or Marx’s Communist Manifesto. Just pick up Lucy Clark’s “Beautiful Failures.” Every parent, every teacher and every principal should read this book. Our education system is broken and it is failing OUR children. It needs to change. Our expectations need to change. How we measure success […]