The Last Days of Us – Beck Nicholas (14+)

3.5 stars. This was an entertaining, emotional roller coaster of a book! Based on the blurb, I thought this was going to be another generic road-trip novel. In some ways, it was; however, I still enjoyed this book. For me, the central theme of this book is grief. The way that Nicholas portrayed this was […]

Neverland – Margot McGovern (15+)

I received Margot McGovern’s manuscript in the post the day before Margot was due to visit the shop. Being the responsible passionate bookseller that I am, I thought I should at least familiarise myself with her story. Let’s just say that I didn’t get much done in the next 20 hours. When Margot walked in […]

White Night – Ellie Marney (15+)

I read the blurb for this book and was super excited to start it. However, within the first few pages I honestly started to struggle with some of the language and terminology that Ellie Marney has chosen to use. Nevertheless, I persisted to see how it would progress and I’m so glad that I did. […]

Tin Heart – Shivaun Plozza (13+)

Starting “Tin Heart” I was excited and nervous in equal measures. I adored Shivaun Plozza‘s book Frankie and I wanted so much for this novel to reach those heights too. Shivaun’s strong writing shines out of every page whilst we watch the protagonist Marlowe grow and blossom. As always her characters are all very strongly […]

Whisper – Lynette Noni (14+)

4 1/2 stars. A dear friend had (unknowing to me) dropped “Whisper” off for me at work. She’d read it within 24 hours and knew I’d love it. I found it at work and was drawn to the cover and the blurb, and once I started the first page I was a goner. My friend […]

The Fifth Room – Allison Rushby (12+)

Having read Allison Rushby’s “The Turnkey” (a historical middle grade mystery with fantasy elements), I was particularly interested to see how The Fifth Room compared. I could definitely recognise Allison’s ability to weave an interesting and intricate story arc. The plot wasn’t what I expect and that’s an aspect I really enjoyed. Allison also managed to […]

The Boundless Sublime – Lili Wilkinson (14+)

This book is divine. Glorious. Heavenly. Majestic. Resplendent. Splendiferous. Splendorous. Super. Superb. Sublime. Lili Wilkinson has created a wonderful piece of prose, a fantastic believable plot, and intense characters. 17 year old Ruby is lost after a family tragedy and is finally “seen” by the angelic Fox. Unfortunately Fox is part of a possible cult […]

Frankie – Shivaun Plozza (14+)

“Frankie” has been in my reading tower for most of 2016. I’m so glad that it made it into my Christmas Holiday Reading Pile. What an absolutely fantastic story. Frankie is a very angry 17 year old; suspended indefinitely from school; abandoned at 4 by her mother; raised by her Auntie. Suddenly a previously unknown […]

Remind Me How This Ends (14+) – Gabrielle Tozer

Gabrielle Tozer has written an accessible, realistic, heartbreaking, funny, relatable story based in small town Australia. While “Remind Me How This Ends” uses several well used tropes (“boy meets girl again”; girl’s mother dies and her life goes off the rails; what do I do with my life?), it’s done in such a refreshing and […]