The Nowhere Girls – Amy Reed (15+)

Blown away. Absolutely amazing. I’ve literally carried this book around with me since I started it 24 hours ago. A page here, a paragraph there, there was literally no stopping me (and please keep in mind I’m a single mum with my own business and it’s four days to Christmas!). I had to read it […]

George – Alex Gino (9+)

“George”. Wow. I’ve wanted to read this since I first saw it in 2015, and I finally managed to get my mitts on a copy. It didn’t take me long to read – it’s very simple middle fiction but with a huge message. “George” is the story of a girl (Melissa), who the world sees […]

OCDaniel (13+) – Wesley King

4 1/2 stars. “OCDaniel” has taken me by surprise. With the books overt tone of mental illness; an interesting cover; and a mystery, I fully expected to like it. I think what surprised me most was my lack of tears. These kind of books always make me cry (if they’re any good). Yet this is […]