Neverland – Margot McGovern (15+)

I received Margot McGovern’s manuscript in the post the day before Margot was due to visit the shop. Being the responsible passionate bookseller that I am, I thought I should at least familiarise myself with her story. Let’s just say that I didn’t get much done in the next 20 hours. When Margot walked in […]

Goodbye Days – Jeff Zentner (14+)

I LOVED this book. I couldn’t put it down. It is so well written and heartfelt that it wouldn’t suprise me if this exact situation hadn’t happened to Jeff in his teens. Carver is about to start senior year when his three best friends die in a car accident. The cause of the accident? A […]

Hate – Alan Gibbons (14+)

Hate. There’s too much hate in the world. Sadly this book was inspired by the true events of the brutal murders of Sophie Lancaster. In “Hate” two alternative 20 somethings ar beaten in a park just because of how they dressed. One dies. Rosie. This is the aftermath for Rosie’s younger sister  Eve and Anthony, […]

Girl in Pieces – Kathleen Glasgow (16+)

When I finished reading “Girl in Pieces” I had the worst book hangover I’ve had in a very long time. In the past this usually occurs when I’m sucked into a new world (like “Hunger Games”). This time I was pulled firmly into my past and reading “Girl in Pieces” became a very intimate act. […]

No Virgin – Anne Cassidy (16+)

This is a book that takes you by the throat and doesn’t let you breath until you’re finished reading. It’s the classic trope of rape and self-blame and it breaks your heart in so many ways. As the story unfolds, like the peeling of an onion, the context of rape is revealed. The book is […]