Book Club Book

The Mice of the Round Table – Julie Leung (9+)

‘’Together in paw and tail, lest divided we fall and fail’’ – that there is Camelot’s quote. This genre in my opinion is a mixture of fantasy and adventure. I found this book to be a fun, relaxing and enjoyable read. This book will guarantee entertainment including emotions of sadness, happiness and nerves. I did […]

The Tale of Angelino Brown – David Almond (9+)

Another fantastic offering from one of the present day greats: David Almond, with brilliant illustrations by the epically talented Alex T Smith. Honestly, I can’t get enough of David Almond. He takes huge topics and manages to create beautiful and accessible stories around these difficult subjects. Whilst “Angelino Brown” works well for independent readers, it […]

The Vampire Knife – Jack Henseleit (9+)

I was excited about the The Vampire Knife from the first moment I heard Jack Henseleit speak about this new spooky series. I confess that by the start of my teens I’d already read several Stephen King novels so I guess that’s not surprising. Jack made this series not only scary but exciting as well. […]

Mindwalker – A J Steiger (14+)

4 1/2 stars. I’ve had a book hangover for nearly a month (argh!) and I needed something very powerful to break that spell. “Mindwalker” was the book to do that. Powerful, original, a scary premise, and a big hearty nod at humanity’s past and present. A J Steiger captured me from page one and I […]

Close Your Eyes – Nicci Cloke (13+)

“Close Your Eyes” (three!!! references to the title in the book! Yay!) is a very addictive read. I started it on my day off, and finished it the same day. There are been a few YA books about school shootings this year, but “Close Your Eyes” takes a different approach. Firstly it’s set in England […]

The Fifth Room – Allison Rushby (12+)

Having read Allison Rushby’s “The Turnkey” (a historical middle grade mystery with fantasy elements), I was particularly interested to see how The Fifth Room compared. I could definitely recognise Allison’s ability to weave an interesting and intricate story arc. The plot wasn’t what I expect and that’s an aspect I really enjoyed. Allison also managed to […]

The Wolf Wilder (10+) – Katherine Rundell

I’ve had this book on my (massive) reading pile for over a year. Finally we decided to do it for book club. I picked it up yesterday and barely put it down until I’d finished it. It’s a stunning piece of prose. The feisty, determined and resilient Feo is a fantastic protagonist. Her mother is […]

Double Cross – Jackson Pearce (9+)

Well written. Funny. Fast paced. Witty. This is a fantastic new spy school novel about 12 year old Hale who is…rotund…and doesn’t exactly fit in with his fellow students, his polymathic younger sister, or the super team of his mum and dad. But maybe he is the only one that can save the day? Hale […]

The Boundless Sublime – Lili Wilkinson (14+)

This book is divine. Glorious. Heavenly. Majestic. Resplendent. Splendiferous. Splendorous. Super. Superb. Sublime. Lili Wilkinson has created a wonderful piece of prose, a fantastic believable plot, and intense characters. 17 year old Ruby is lost after a family tragedy and is finally “seen” by the angelic Fox. Unfortunately Fox is part of a possible cult […]

Word Nerd – Susin Nielsen (12+)

After four very heavy YA novels I needed something lighter and picked up “Word Nerd” – which starts with bullies trying to kill the protagonist Ambrose :p Susin Nielsen tells Ambrose’s story with a beautifully light touch. There’s humour and so much heart in these 240 pages. A lonely and slightly strange boy forms an […]

Frogkisser (10+) – Garth Nix

While “Frogkisser” has been promoted as a YA read (14+), we felt it was more suited to younger readers (10-12 years). It is a longer read, but the light content suits a younger audience. We loved how Garth Nix turns stereotypes on their heads in “Frogkisser”, re imagining them in clever and witty ways. Snow […]

Polly and Buster (8+) – Sally Rippin

I was happy when I heard Sally Rippin was coming out with a middle fiction book. When I heard her read from the book and saw some of the illustrations I was excited. Then I read it. I was totally bowled over. I knew Sally could write but I’d never seen anything of this calibre from […]

Dear Charlie – N.D Gomes (14+)

Every week (or so it seems) we hear about another mass shooting. We easily empathise with the families of those killed, we pray for them and we want answers. But what about the family of the person that did it? We either ignore them or blame them. Is that fair? “Dear Charlie” explores the aftermath […]

The Unlikely Hero of Room 13B – Teresa Toten (13+)

I cried. Real tears. I loled. Actual laughter.  I couldn’t put it down. I knew going in that this book was a recommended read about mental health issues.  However, although OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder, of which anxiety is the root cause) is central to almost all the main characters, it’s really just a backdrop to […]