Noah Can’t Even (13+) – Simon James Green

“Noah Can’t Even” is a hilarious beautiful book with all the feels. I read it in half a day because I simply couldn’t put it down (and went to sleep at 3:15am because I simply couldn’t put it down!).

I wanted to be BFF with Noah; I fell in love with Harry; I actually loled throughout; and at the end I cried. I cannot tell you how much I loved this book. One of my best reads for 2017.

If I had to sum it up I’d say it was a combination of the awkward teen “Adrian Mole” (Sue Townsend), the hilariously¬†chaotic situations in Tom Sharpe’s “Wilt”, with a fabulous LGBT twist.

Simon James Green has a wonderfully sweet, light style that I clicked with immediately. Browsing through some other reviews I can see it’s left people divided. We all thought it was OTT, but some of us loved that and couldn’t stop laughing, while others seemed to find it annoying and unrealistic.

Simon explores Noah’s confused sexuality openly and honestly with a humour that covers the rawness that this time must bring to many straight/gay/bi/whatever teens. I really liked that Noah was confused over the whole gay/straight thing. I can imagine there’s more than a few kids who go through that in their mid teens. I don’t think we answer the question of his sexuality by the end of the novel and that’s ok. He’s 15 and figuring things out. And maybe he’s going to be one of those people that falls in love with someone regardless of their sex (or anything else for that matter). Who knows…

My only complaint? It’s given me a huge book hangover. I’m having trouble picking anything up since I finished “Noah Can’t Even”. While we do have to wait until mid-next year for book two (thank god there’s a book two!), Simon says he’s going explore Noah’s sexuality further, and what it means to be in a relationship. Hopefully there will be as much madcap mayhem as there was in book one.

I gave this book to my Outsiders Book Club (YA). I can’t wait to hear what they think and spend a delightful two hours discussing “Noah Can’t Even”.

– L-J