Nevermoor – Jessica Townsend (9+)


Just Wow.

This has to take the world by storm. It’s totally entranced me. If you love Harry Potter you HAVE to read this book. Like now. (Well October 31st when it’s released). I don’t normally publish my reviews early, but I simply couldn’t wait to share this with you.

I love the characters (Jupiter North ♥ ); the talking animals (Magnificat!!!); the magical land of Nevermoor; the plot; the twists; the evil Wundersmith; the fabulous protagonist Morrigan (Mog – great nickname!); and all the wunder. Oh the wunder.

Jessica Townsend transports us to the wunderful world of Nevermoor and I question how this is a debut novel. She weaves a world that you can’t help but want to visit.

At the end of the novel I’m left with a smile on my face and an inexplicable lightness in my heart. I love lots of books, but few can affect you the way this book does.

My only single issue with Nevermoor is that the ARC (advanced reading copy) had the better cover. It’s stunning. I can only hope the publishers bring out a special edition with this cover.

If you don’t read this now (after October 31st!) you WILL regret it. It’s fabulous. Magical. Breathtaking.

It’s Wunderous.

– L-J