Mindwalker – A J Steiger (14+)

4 1/2 stars. I’ve had a book hangover for nearly a month (argh!) and I needed something very powerful to break that spell. “Mindwalker” was the book to do that. Powerful, original, a scary premise, and a big hearty nod at humanity’s past and present.

A J Steiger captured me from page one and I read this nearly 400 page debut in under 24 hours. Between the faux utopian society, the main characters, the mystery and the action, I was literally walking around like a zombie reading my book and unable to look away.

The pacing was perfect and the aspect that I loved the most was Steiger’s commentary on how we classify people today and in the past. The idea that in the future we would segregate people based on their mental health struck me as believable, especially with mental health being the topic of our era.

It will be interesting to discuss this book with my YA book club group this month, especially with regards to the book’s state approved suicide for those too “broken” to help. Very timely considering the current discussion surrounding euthanasia.

Side Note: I think we have to stop comparing new books to every other book written in that genre. Very few ideas (any?) are truly original. Let’s judge these books in their own space.

– L-J