The Last Days of Us – Beck Nicholas (14+)

3.5 stars.

This was an entertaining, emotional roller coaster of a book! Based on the blurb, I thought this was going to be another generic road-trip novel. In some ways, it was; however, I still enjoyed this book.

For me, the central theme of this book is grief. The way that Nicholas portrayed this was very humbling and eye-opening. I have been lucky enough to not lose anyone close to me, yet the way that the author depicts the characters’ sorrows was very relatable, without being too overpowering or unrealistic. I didn’t expect to get as emotional as I did.

The one thing that I really didn’t like about this book was the insta-love trope. For me, it was overdone and impractical. I understand the idea of two characters bonding over their anguish which no other character really seems to understand, but I found it a bit much that they were practically in love after knowing each other for less than a week.

I would have liked to know more about the secondary characters. I wanted to know more about how they ended up being the way they are at the start of the novel, and I wanted to know more about how they ended up at the end. This is a short book, and I would have liked the author to have added some more details and taken a little bit more time telling the story.

Overall, this is a great summer read. Prepare yourself for some tears and a sweet (if not slightly unrealistic) romance!

– Gabi W.