Matt Millz – Harry Hill (7+)

Arthur Smith: “Is that your real face or are you still celebrating Halloween?”

If you like books and comedy then you will LOVE this book!! The lead character Matt Millz finds a passion for stand-up comedy after he competes in his school’s talent show. BUT his headmaster is not happy because when Matt had his first real gig outside of the school’s talent show, the headmaster’s wife was there and Matt made inappropriate jokes (in her opinion).

The book is a series of adventures that follows Matt on his quest to get on the Apollo, which is a TV show much like the X Factor, where all the biggest comedians have been. Matt is helped by Kitty Hope, his ‘manager’, who is very small, super intelligent and knows all about comedy because her Granddad was the greatest comedian ever!

The reason it did not score a 5 is because it was not funny from start to finish but stick with it because when you get to the funny parts you may need a nappy!

I suggest this book to all years from 7-100 that’s how good the book is!!

This book would be great for fans of the Tree House books by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton, and it may also appeal to fans of  Weirdo by Anh Do.

– Annika (10) @ Book Review Club