Junkyard Jack and the Horse that Talked – Adrian Edmondson (8+)

Junkyard Jack and the Horse that Talked is about a boy who is treated very badly by his uncle, cousin and aunt when his mother is put into jail for crime that she didn’t commit. Will Joe find his dad and get his mum out of prison?

His only friend is a small Shetland pony who broke the animal code and started speaking to him. I loved the idea of talking animals and how they keep it secret from humans.

This book was really, really funny. The illustrations by Danny Noble are really good because they actually show what is going on in the story.

If you like David Walliams, then you will love this book. For example, the uncle farts every time he moves. This is like the granny in Gangsta Granny.

The moral of the story is kindness always wins. I definitely rate this five stars.

– Violet (8) @ Book Review Club