srsly Hamlet – Courtney Carbone

We were sent this at the shop by our lovely Penguin Random House rep. It was a quiet day at work. I was bored. It was sitting there in front of me. Under no other circumstances would I have even considered picking it up! This book goes against everything I believe in. It’s a crime against literature. How could Courtney Carbone do this to our revered William Shakespeare?!?

And yet I actually not only finished it but enjoyed it! No one was more surprised than me. Courtney has done a good job and created a book that makes Shakespeare accessible. The story stays true to itself and I like to think this may make more kids pick up the original Hamlet.

Recently I got a big lesson from my 14 year old. There isn’t just one path to literature. Why can’t “srsly Hamlet” be a milestone in someones journey? And, in and of itself, can’t it just be a bit of fun? I don’t believe it’s the future of literature, but I don’t think that was ever Courtney’s intention.

– L-J