Ava’s Big Move (Surf Riders Club Series) – Mary van Reyk (8+)

“Ava’s Big Move” is an absolutely fascinating book about a girl named Ava who has to move to a new town because her parents are opening a new cafe there. At her new school Ava makes some new friends and they tell her that the school is finally going to allow surfing as a sport.

Ava joins the surf program thinking it will be pure fun but she struggles when she realises that she has to catch five waves in one session to remain in the same class as her friends.

My favourite part of this book was when Ava’s parents do a pizza night to celebrate opening their new cafe. Even though Ava was whammed with a big, fat, cheesy pizza, and was completely drenched in cheese, I could see the reward Ava and her friends got when they helped waitressing for the night. Ava and her friends got a nice big sundae to share as a reward and the description of this scene made my mouth water and it left a big impression in my mind.

I would recommend this book as it’s engaging and has a great moral about trying something new, even if you aren’t very good at it, because you can get better over time! However I would say that it appeals more to a female audience.

– Maria-Clara (11 years)