Book Clubs

Book Clubs at Three Four Knock on the Door are very popular and fill up fast. We run seven different Book Clubs in order to meet the needs of all primary school children, high school teens and adults. During book club we explore a variety of genres, engage in interesting discussion, and enjoy snacks and activities based around the book. The seven Book Clubs we run are:

some of the book clubs we run
  • The Munchkins – aimed at Preppies
  • The Mad Hatters – aimed at grades 1 -2
  • The Marauders – aimed at grades 3 – 4
  • The Everlasting Gobstoppers – aimed at grades 5 – 6
  • The Mockingbirds – aimed at grades 7 – 8
  • The Outsiders – aimed at age 14+
  • The Book Cellars – aimed at adults who love to read and discuss YA (young adult) and maybe interested in indulging in a glass or two of wine

Please note the ages are just guidelines. Which book club will suit which child best depends on their interests, reading abilities and level of interest in reading. Please contact us to see what would best suit.

Book Clubs offer many benefits:

  • First and foremost it is FUN!
  • Promotes a love for literature and a positive attitude towards reading
  • Encourages extensive and intensive reading
  • Invites natural discussions that lead to critical thinking
  • Supports diverse responses to text
  • Fosters interaction, cooperation and collaboration
  • Exposes students to literature from multiple perspectives
  • Nurtures reflection and self-evaluation
  • Promotes independent thinking, abilities to form and express opinions, abilities to recognize and develop personal values, skills to speak and listen with respect, and abilities to listen with an open mind
  • Quality books with interesting discussions will help participants to grow personally, emotionally and intellectually
  • Kids read more
  • Meet new people
  • Kids read things they wouldn’t normally read

What do kids learn in Book Club?

  • They learn to think and talk about text in a variety of ways
  • Engage in behaviours that elicit and sustain meaningful conversations with their peers
  • Collect evidence to support a theory
  • Discuss, define and explore unfamiliar words
  • Use evidence in text to verify predictions
  • Ask relevant and focused questions to clarify understanding
  • Respond to questions and discussion with relevant and focused comments
  • Identify and analyse literary elements in text