Three Four Knock on the Door sells beautiful books and toys in Port Melbourne.  It is the brain child of sisters L-J and Danielle.  We opened our doors on 11th January 2011 (rather auspicious we felt!) and we’ve been growing ever since.

From its concept we both knew the cornerstones of our shop would be:

  • education
  • quality
  • service
  • community orientated

In hindsight we have already achieved this, but we are always striving to do better all the time.



Our customers continue to inspire and amaze us. We have developed some beautiful relationships and look forward to continuing these in 2015. It is you, our customer, which inspires us to keep looking for unique products and interesting books, to host our ever growing events and keep on pushing for a better location.



Our focus in 2017 is to continue rebuilding after the devastating fire on 30th August 2015 where we lost everything. We intend to stay in our current location. When we reach Christmas this year we will have been there for a record 2 years.  W00T. 2016 saw us expanding our YA (young adult 14+) fiction section. We will consolidate it in 2017. We will of course keep reading voraciously in order to help you make the best decision you can. You can have a look at our book reviews on the website. We are also launching our blog where we wax lyrical about anything to do with children’s literature. While we expanded our book clubs last year to 4 groups, this year we’ve added 2 more.  Both are YA book clubs. The Outsiders is aimed at 14+ and The Book Cellars is aimed at adults who love to read YA. We will continue running storytimes and supporting the Reading Hour and National Simultaneous Storytime.



#unplugtoread started as our small idea to encourage kids in Port Melbourne to put down their electronics and pick up a book.  It’s evolved to become a celebration of children’s literature with storytimes, book clubs, National Simultaneous Storytime and the Reading Hour and we use the tag on all our social media.