Dream Big. Always.

Just when you think this series can’t get any stronger the publisher Frances Lincoln release these new fantastic titles. I simply cannot give enough love for the “Little People BIG DREAMS” books. While they were at the start of this new wave of books to help us celebrate women and encourage girls to believe in themselves, their […]

Why have we become so rude?

I have noticed that people are becoming increasingly rude, selfish, self-absorbed and self-centred. I’m not talking on a deep relationship level (that’s a whole other conversation!) but the every day person you pass in the street. There’s no consideration for other people around us any more. It’s not deliberate rudeness, but more of a lack of […]

Do you love us?

Today is “love your bookshop day”. It’s organised by the wonderful people at the Australian Booksellers Association to celebrate all that is wonderful about Bookshops across Australia. We hope you’ll drop by for a visit with us today and pick up some lovely bookish goodies from Danielle or Sienna.  We have lots of fun bits […]

George – Alex Gino (9+)

“George”. Wow. I’ve wanted to read this since I first saw it in 2015, and I finally managed to get my mitts on a copy. It didn’t take me long to read – it’s very simple middle fiction but with a huge message. “George” is the story of a girl (Melissa), who the world sees […]

First – Laurie Elizabeth Flynn (14+)

Warming: This book made me cry and gave me a book hangover! I’m guessing there will be plenty of people that won’t like (or empathise) with the protagonist Mercy, but I did. I think you either get her or you don’t. But by the end of “Firsts”, if you don’t understand her story, your heart […]

School Refusal Sucks!

School Refusal:  the refusal to attend school due to emotional distress. School refusal differs from truancy in that children with school refusal feel anxiety or fear towards school, whereas truant children generally have no feelings of fear towards school, often feeling angry or bored with it instead.* I hated high school but as a student […]

Goodbye Days – Jeff Zentner (14+)

I LOVED this book. I couldn’t put it down. It is so well written and heartfelt that it wouldn’t suprise me if this exact situation hadn’t happened to Jeff in his teens. Carver is about to start senior year when his three best friends die in a car accident. The cause of the accident? A […]

The Original Ginny Moon – Benjamin Ludwig ( 14+)

The authenticity of Benjamin Ludwig’s writing stuck me immediately. Told in Ginny’s voice, I watched the story unfold through the eyes of this autistic teen and fell in love with her within pages. Ginny’s life is in turns heartbreaking and inspirational, and her story is unlocked as we progress through this beautifully written novel. Ginny’s […]

Vigilante – Kady Cross ( 16+)

I accidentally started reading this yesterday. I have my YA book club book to read for day 2 days time; I’m dead tired; I have Mom-stuff to do; work-stuff hanging over my head; plus a million other things. But after I took a sneak peak, I knew I’d be in for a late night (3am […]

Horizon – Scott Westerfeld ( 9+)

Action packed, suspenseful and inventive are words that i would use to describe Scott Westerfeld’s newest book, “Horizon”. After a plane crashes in an alien jungle, eight kids are left to fend for themselves, battling alien creatures, finding mysterious technology and discovering the limits of reality. Scott has written a fantastic book where the characters […]

The Wolf Wilder (10+) – Katherine Rundell

I’ve had this book on my (massive) reading pile for over a year. Finally we decided to do it for book club. I picked it up yesterday and barely put it down until I’d finished it. It’s a stunning piece of prose. The feisty, determined and resilient Feo is a fantastic protagonist. Her mother is […]

Hate – Alan Gibbons (14+)

Hate. There’s too much hate in the world. Sadly this book was inspired by the true events of the brutal murders of Sophie Lancaster. In “Hate” two alternative 20 somethings ar beaten in a park just because of how they dressed. One dies. Rosie. This is the aftermath for Rosie’s younger sister  Eve and Anthony, […]

Quarantine – Lex Thomas (15+)

This series is really is a modern reenactment of “Lord of the Flies”. A perfectly paced YA dystopian novel which of course requires a slight suspension of reality. McKinley High is under military quarantine as the teens have been infected by a virus that makes them deadly to adults. In “Quarantine” Lex Thomas manages to […]

Double Cross – Jackson Pearce (9+)

Well written. Funny. Fast paced. Witty. This is a fantastic new spy school novel about 12 year old Hale who is…rotund…and doesn’t exactly fit in with his fellow students, his polymathic younger sister, or the super team of his mum and dad. But maybe he is the only one that can save the day? Hale […]

The Amateurs – Sara Shepard (14+)

I’ve always loved mystery book, and this one sits right up there with some of the best YA ones that I’ve read. Aerin really wants to know what happened to her sister Helena, and thanks to three members of an amateur crime solving website she might find out. The question is, is she really ready […]

The Boundless Sublime – Lili Wilkinson (14+)

This book is divine. Glorious. Heavenly. Majestic. Resplendent. Splendiferous. Splendorous. Super. Superb. Sublime. Lili Wilkinson has created a wonderful piece of prose, a fantastic believable plot, and intense characters. 17 year old Ruby is lost after a family tragedy and is finally “seen” by the angelic Fox. Unfortunately Fox is part of a possible cult […]