Harry Potter Saved My Family

31st July is the birthday of the Chosen One. He turns 37* (OMG how did that happen?!?). Harry has been in my life for 20 years. Actually it’s my longest relationship. I wonder if Harry knows that….? While the girls, Danielle and I have a shared love of a few of my other interests/obsessions (Star […]

Ink – Alice Broadway (12+)

I fell in love with this book the first time I saw it. The cover is stunning (the picture does it NO justice) and actually tells much of the tale of “Ink”. It’s perfect in every way. Then the first page drew me in and I found myself so easily lost in the dystopian world […]

Being Miss Nobody – Tamsin Winter (10+)

I am not going to lie, “Being Miss Nobody” was an emotional roller coaster. So simple and beautifully written, this book had me hoping, laughing and crying (possibly not the best book to read at work!). From the first page I was hooked. I was there with Rosalind though everything she was going through and […]

Hour of the Bees – Lindsay Eagar (10+)

4 1/2 stars. Quirky would be the first word that jumps to mind when I think about this book. “Hour of the Bees” was very well written; it had great depth; a wonderfully written protagonist; and was full of love, courage and family. Carol has to spend her summer with her parents and younger brother […]

Girlhood – Cat Clarke (14+)

This was my first Cat Clarke novel and I really enjoyed this fast paced book about five girls at a rural Scottish boarding school. Driving home after spending the whole day at work reading (one of the benefits of owning a bookshop!) I described it as “Malory Towers” meets “Single White Female”. That was until […]

Exclusive Sally Rippin Book Club

I am so super excited to announce that we’re having an exclusive book club with Sally Rippin to discuss her fabulous new book “Polly and Buster”. I absolutely loved this book as you can read in my review below. It literally blew me away. After I finished reading it I told Danielle I wanted to […]

After The Fire (14+) – Will Hill

This is a “stay up till 2:30am to finish” kind of book. It grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go even after you finally read the last page. When I picked up “After The Fire” all I knew was that this book was a cult-type YA novel. A few chapters in I knew […]

Radio Boy (10+) – Christian O’Connell

I started this novel with slight apprehension. I spent many hours in the UK listening to Christian O’Connell on the radio. Was his humour going to translate well to middle fiction? I wasn’t 100% convinced. Happily (as we’d chosen it for the Everlasting Gobstoppers Book Club!) it was not only funny, but well written with […]

When It’s Real (14+) – Erin Watt

When both of Vaughn’s parents pass away, her and her older sister are left to take care of the family. An opportunity to make big money pretending to be a pop star’s girlfriend seems perfect, but wild pop star Oakley is making Vaughn’s job very difficult. How can she persuade the public they are in […]

Danielle Writes a Post!

Well it’s that time of the week again when L-J normally writes her blog. Last week she had planned to write about what Harry Potter means to our family. Unfortunately in the run up the sleepover time ran short and it didn’t happen, but I promise you that it will soon, because it is such […]