One of Us is Lying (14+) – Karen M. McManus

4 1/2 stars. Two book in two days that have blown me out of the water. On the surface two very different stories, but at their heart “One of Us is Lying” and “OCDaniel” by Wesley King are both about people and their inner workings. I initially found the multi-narration (four people) slightly confusing, but […]

OCDaniel (13+) – Wesley King

4 1/2 stars. “OCDaniel” has taken me by surprise. With the books overt tone of mental illness; an interesting cover; and a mystery, I fully expected to like it. I think what surprised me most was my lack of tears. These kind of books always make me cry (if they’re any good). Yet this is […]

Frogkisser (10+) – Garth Nix

While “Frogkisser” has been promoted as a YA read (14+), we felt it was more suited to younger readers (10-12 years). It is a longer read, but the light content suits a younger audience. We loved how Garth Nix turns stereotypes on their heads in “Frogkisser”, re imagining them in clever and witty ways. Snow […]

Damage (14+) – Eve Ainsworth

I wanted to read this book the first time my wonderful rep showed it to me. While this wasn’t as deep and intense (it’s a quick read and I only cried once!) as other self-harm books I’ve read this year, I think it’s a fantastic book in its own right. I loved that Eve Ainsworth […]

The Other Mother – Kelly Chandler

I went into “The Other Mother” with dubious expectations. The book doesn’t seem like something we’d want/need to stock at Three Four Knock on the Door (or something I’d be likely to pick up for my person interest). Add to that, I’m the “original” mother. And on top of that, I’ve got a mound of […]

Remind Me How This Ends (14+) – Gabrielle Tozer

Gabrielle Tozer has written an accessible, realistic, heartbreaking, funny, relatable story based in small town Australia. While “Remind Me How This Ends” uses several well used tropes (“boy meets girl again”; girl’s mother dies and her life goes off the rails; what do I do with my life?), it’s done in such a refreshing and […]

Blame (14+) – Simon Mayo

I don’t lightly give a book 5 stars. It has to be engaging, well written, great characters and a great story to boot. “Blame” has all of this and more. I have loved 5 star books, like George Orwell’s “1984” and Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird”  for over half my life, so Simon Mayo had a […]

Polly and Buster (8+) – Sally Rippin

I was happy when I heard Sally Rippin was coming out with a middle fiction book. When I heard her read from the book and saw some of the illustrations I was excited. Then I read it. I was totally bowled over. I knew Sally could write but I’d never seen anything of this calibre from […]

Goodbye Days (14+) – Jeff Zentner

I LOVED this book. I couldn’t put it down. It is so well written and heartfelt that it wouldn’t suprise me if this exact situation hadn’t happened to Jeff in his teens. Carver is about to start senior year when his three best friends die in a car accident. The cause of the accident? A […]