Picture books about difficult topics

As parents it’s our job, nay our duty to protect our children. Within that umbrella of protection we often shelter our children from the harsh realities of life. Unless specifically required, very few parents pick up social-emotional books that deal with complex situations. Even then we are often find that adults think these amazing books […]

2 weeks to recover from child birth

We do not allow new mothers enough time to recover after the birth of their child. They are virtually shunted straight out of hospital as soon as the baby is popped out and both are “medically” sound, and expected to just get on with it. Unlike days of yore, (or days of now in countries […]

Give your kids more screen time. Seriously.

Screen Time. Two words sure to strike fear in any parent. Since we were children we had it drummed into us that more than 2 hours a day of screen time would be detrimental. Now exactly how does that look in today’s digital landscape? It’s PIXILATED! Figuring out what is the optimal screen time for […]