Dear Charlie – N.D Gomes (14+)

Every week (or so it seems) we hear about another mass shooting. We easily empathise with the families of those killed, we pray for them and we want answers. But what about the family of the person that did it? We either ignore them or blame them. Is that fair? “Dear Charlie” explores the aftermath […]

Dumplin’ – Julie Murphy (14+)

I loved this book. More than that, I connected with it. The main character fights to remain true to herself and she does it with amazing courage and sense of humour. Reflecting on my teenage years I wish that I had been more like her. It doesn’t state her weight and lets you determine what […]

The Rest of Us Just Live Here – Patrick Ness (12+)

Reading this book is like snuggling up in bed on a cold day with your quilt wrapped around you and a bar of your favourite chocolate in your hand. Patrick Ness has never disappointed me and this book is no exception.  Mystery, intrigue, relationships, real life, teenage angst with the smallest sprinkling of mushy stuff. […]